People Are Asking

  • Is It Leakproof When The Lid Is On?

    No, the lid is not leakproof but it will keep cans and ice in while keeping bugs and debris out.

  • How Long Will It Hold Ice?

    We can’t guarantee a specific amount of time, but the bucket is supremely insulated like our drinkware so you can count on it keeping ice for hours.

  • Does The Lid Improve Ice Retention?

    Yes, the lid will increase thermal performance and we always recommend using the lid when the bucket is filled with ice.

  • Is It Food Safe?

    Yes, this can be used with food and drinks.

  • Does The Yeti™ Scoop Attach Or Tether To The Bucket?

    No, the Scoop works great with the bucket but it does not attach.

Measurements & Specs
External Dimensions 29.3W CM X 22.3H CM
Empty Weight 3 kg
YETI Rambler® 7.6 L Beverage Bucket Big Wave Blue