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Thermos Bottles built with Purpose

We’ve built our YETI Rambler thermos bottles with function and versatility in mind. Double-wall vacuum insulated and built with puncture- and rust-resistant stainless steel, our water bottles are designed to last and withstand any conditions. A lightweight construction means staying hydrated while you’re exploring the wild won’t slow you down, while 100% leakproof lids, our No Sweat™ exterior and a dishwasher-friendly design keeps it all fresh, clean and dry.

Keeping your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold, enjoy an insulated water bottle that’s just as good for warming up with a coffee in the morning as it is for cooling down with an ice-cold drink after an adventurous day.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles in Varying Sizes

Our Rambler reusable water bottles come in a wide variety of sizes to suit every intrepid escapade. Our 12 oz. (254mL) bottles are a great compact choice to take your morning cuppa on the go, with an ultra-light empty weight of 450g and an easily-packable height of 18.1cm. Meanwhile, the Rambler Jr. comes in the same size but with a special kid-friendly design.

For something a little bigger without going too far, go for an 18 oz. (532mL) Rambler, offering a little extra room for slightly more draining days.

The 26 oz. (769ml) and 36 oz. (1065 ml) Rambler metal bottles are great mid-range options offering true versatility – working wonders as your day-to-day bottle and just as handy when out fishing, trekking, climbing or otherwise.

For the biggest and boldest journeys, go for a 46 oz. (1.4L) or 64 oz. (1.9L) insulated water bottle. The 64 oz. Rambler has enough space for your full eight-a-day – so you can keep on going without any pitstops. Ditch the plastic, avoid those fountain-finding detours, choose a reusable water bottle that’ll take you from morning to night with ease.

Metal Water Bottles for the Gym, the Home or the Outdoors

Whether you need a gym water bottle, a running water bottle – or just something for home, our Rambler reusable water bottles offer complete versatility to do it all in one. Stylish and sturdy, these thermos bottles are fit for just about any purpose, looking just as good sat beside the weights rack as they do tucked in your hiking pack. The most adaptable bottles will offer durability against any conditions, lots of room without being too heavy, and the ability to hold any drink and keep its temperature.

All of our bottles are compatible with a range of Rambler lids and caps– so you can simply swap the top depending on the needs of the day.

So, whether you’re using it as a running water bottle, a desk bottle to avoid repeat trips to the tap or otherwise – the Rambler is sure to fit the bill.

Full Range of Colour Bottles

Of course, it’s not just about function. Whether you’re taking your metal bottle with you to the office, to the gym, on the road, or into the great outdoors, you want to find an option that suits your personal style. We’re not saying every accessory should match every look – but what we can assure you is that you’re sure to find a Rambler thermos bottle to fit your ‘fit with the huge range of colours we’ve got available.

Find durable stainless steel water bottles in 17 different colourways across our range of sturdy Rambler bottles, from Black and Granite Grey, to Bimini Pink and Aquifer Blue to Granite Grey. To ensure your bottle stays looking new for years to come no matter what your adventures entail, our clever DuraCoat™ design means your bottle will keep its slick colour, no matter which colour you choose.

Insulated Water Bottles with Straws and other Attachments

Across our range of Rambler bottles you’ll find a range of caps and lids to fit different purposes. For your caffeine fix on-the-go, our Hot Shot cap is ideal, keeping everything hot in the insulated bottle hot while protecting your lips from the heat with 360-drinking, 100% leakproof tech.

To get a metal water bottle with a straw, pick up a Rambler Bottle Straw cap , which makes it easy to sip without slowing down, while a TripleHaul™ Handle makes it super easy to carry.

If small sips aren’t what you’re after, our Rambler Magdock cap is a classic chug-style lid that offers brilliant simplicity without skimping on function. Magnet docking helps keep it all leak-proof and helps ensure you never lose your cap when you’re out exploring the wild.

As well as a variety of lids and caps that can be used with each of our Rambler bottles, you’ll also find other fantastic accessories like our YETI bottle carry Slings, the perfect hands-free solution for hands-on adventures.