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Hard Coolers

For the most rugged adventures, you need a cool box that can handle even the toughest conditions and come out the other side unscathed. Your gear should never slow you down or stop you from embracing the extreme, so when it comes to choosing the best cool box, you want to choose an option that’s sturdy, durable, and ready for whatever the wilderness brings. Our range of hard coolers are built with long-lasting performance and toughness in mind.

Passive Coolers with High Performance

Our passive cool boxes are true legends in the game, designed to offer complete versatility and strength.

All of the cool boxes in our Tundra and Roadie collections are rotomolded – the same method used to build the most robust white-water kayaks. This high-temperature, low-pressure plastic moulding process is used for a one-piece construction that ensures consistent thickness and strength. We’ve rigorously tested our cool boxes against the most formidable opponents, from fireworks, to slingshots, to strongmen to grizzly bears – and a YETI always comes out unharmed.

Permafrost™ polyurethane foam casing offers twice the insulation of ordinary ice boxes, bolstered by a freezer-style sealing gasket and our Fatwall™ design to maximise ice retention. All in all, you won’t find a cool box that’ll keep your ice cooler for longer quite like a YETI does. Innovative, one-of-a-kind tech like Vortex™ drain systems, a Neverfail™ hinge system, Bearfoot™ non-slip feet and Doublehaul™ handles make for a truly outstanding cool box that offers unbeatable style, form and function in an easy-to-handle, lightweight unit.

Different Shape & Size Cool Boxes for Sale to Suit your Needs

Explore a variety of cooler boxes in a range of shapes and sizes from YETI. Whatever your needs, we’re pretty sure you’ll find the perfect ice box for your adventure across our Tundra and Roadie collections.

Our large, high-capacity cool boxes like the Tundra 250 and Tundra 350 are great for big catches, and perfect for commercial or industrial settings too. Our largest ice chest, the Tundra 350 can fit around 222 cans (350ml) with a 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio – our recommended ratio to maximise ice retention.

Our smallest hard ice cooler is the Roadie 24, holding up to 18 cans. These are fantastic for quick daytrips, weekend getaways, and of course, BYOBs. Their compact design makes them super easy to take just about anywhere, while still offering great capacity and unmatched durability.

For complete versatility, check out our midweight options like the Tundra 75, which can hold 50 cans; the Tundra 105, which holds 59 cans, or the Tundra 110, which can carry up to 65 cans with a 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio.

Whether you’re feeding an entire party at a picnic in the park or packing a few frozen meals for a weekend in the wilderness, our range of hard ice coolers offers a variety of sizes to suit every need.

Hard Coolers fit for Camping Trips, Road Trips, or any Situation

There are so many situations where a reliable hard cooler will be your new best friend. Hunting, camping, boating, sport-fishing, rafting, paddling – YETI hard cool boxes are designed to be taken to the extreme. Despite their almost indestructible construction, YETI cool boxes are easy to handle, lightweight, and adaptable. Tech and features like Bearfoot™ non-slip feet to prevent sliding and military-style Doublehaul™ handles mean wherever your journey takes you, you can rely on your YETI hard ice box cooler to get the job done.

And it’s not just the extreme; YETI cool boxes are just as welcome at a picnic as they are on a paddleboard. Our Roadie™ hard ice coolers are perfect for barbecues, beach days, road trips and more, while still being a great option for camping and other action-packed exploits.

Check out a wide range of designs to suit every need, from wheeled hard coolers like the powerhouse Tundra Haul to the simple-but-super-effective Tank 45 insulated ice bucket – and all points in between.

Free UK Cool Box Shipping

We’re stoked to offer free standard shipping on all orders over £50, anywhere in mainland UK. We want to get you your YETI as soon as possible, and we make every effort to process your order quickly so you can put your Tundra hard cool box to good use sooner. We’ll bring it right to your doorstep at no extra cost, and while we know our grizzly-resistant cool boxes can take a beating without so much as a dent, you can trust we’ll still handle them with complete care on the way. If you’re in a hurry, we’ve also got next day UK delivery available at a super low cost.

How long do cool boxes keep things cool?

How long your cool box keeps everything cool really depends on the cool box itself, the ice you’re using, the amount of ice, and a few other factors. No matter what ice you use in a passive cool box, use won’t last forever – you can expect to have to replace it every few days at least. Dry ice won’t last you more than a day, ice cubes will last about two days at most, while a large block of ice should get you through a week.

It also depends on how well you keep the cool box insulated. The more you open a passive cool box, the more heat can enter, which is why it’s so important to keep it shut as much as possible. If too much hot air gets in, everything will heat up pretty quickly, and you’ll find yourself having to replace the ice in your cool box far more regularly. Of course, if you’re just taking your cool box out for the day for a barbecue or picnic, you shouldn’t have to worry about the ice melting, but it’s still best to keep the cooler shut as much as possible.